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Establish New Program

Before You Start

  • All CHS programs must complete the Program Alignment process before a new academic program can be proposed. Program Alignment is a process that organizes and categorizes a degree program’s structure and content. Contact the assistant dean of Undergraduate or Graduate Education to check the college Program Alignment progress.
  • Proposing a new academic program is at minimum a two-year process (e.g. if you start the proposal process in 2021, the earliest realistic “projected catalog year” is 2023-2024).

Documents You'll Need

  • Academic Program Proposal Guide (Coming soon)

Curricular Resources


The process for establishing a new program is briefly outlined below. Access the Academic Program Proposal Guide for full details including College and University governance actions.

Preliminary Steps – Idea Phase

  1. Discuss idea with stakeholders
  2. Review Program Alignment data to confirm gap/need for program
  3. Obtain market analysis 
  4. Submit idea to CHS Curriculum Committee for informal review

Year 1 – Requesting Academic Planning Permission

  1. Prepare Academic Plan request documentation in consultation with appropriate faculty and college stakeholders
  2. Develop Assessment Plan (UOEEE)
  3. Create tentative program outline
  4. Submit request documents to CHS Curriculum Committee for formal review

Year 2 – Formal Proposal Development

  1. Create formal proposal in consultation with appropriate faculty and college stakeholders
  2. Develop any new course syllabi (following process in Establish a New Course)
  3. Submit formal proposal and all new course syllabi to CHS Curriculum Committee for final review

Additional Resources

Comprehensive and up-to-date university resources can be found on the University Curriculum Development webpage including information on the Academic Planning Cycle.

Contact Information

Kate Brown
Director, Academic Success and Innovation

Kimberly Doney
Manager, Curriculum and Academic Success

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