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CHS Syllabus Template

The CHS Instructional Support team maintains a general syllabus template including all required university policies and student resources. Syllabi for new course proposals must be developed using the template for CHS Curriculum Committee review. The template should also be used as a guide when revising existing course syllabi. 

CHS Syllabus Template 

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Upload Your Syllabus

Each term, CHS faculty are asked to upload their syllabi to the ASU Class Search and the CHS Syllabus Archive. Each location serves a different purpose and may include different versions of the same document.

ASU Class Search

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When you upload your syllabus to your MyASU page, the document is shared in the ASU Class Search. Faculty are encouraged to upload their syllabi to this location as soon as possible after the schedule is released for an upcoming term. This syllabus provides prospective students more information on the expectations and content of the course. Any syllabus uploaded to the ASU Class Search is automatically stamped with a disclaimer that the syllabus is a general example and subject to change allowing faculty to upload a general syllabus draft or a syllabus from a previous semester. (A final draft will be uploaded to the CHS Syllabus archive once the semester begins).

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CHS Syllabus Archive

The archive is intended to collect final versions of all syllabi for CHS courses each term. These versions are provided to students on the first day of class and serve as the academic contract. We are required to store these syllabi per university policy and the collection will support faculty and administrators with grade grievances, accreditation standards,  Academic Program Review, UOEEE assessment planning, etc. The Curriculum and Academic Planning team will send notification each term (after the first day of classes) to upload your documents. 

CHS Syllabus Archive Upload Form

Access the CHS Syllabus Archive

Beginning Spring 2021, the CHS Curriculum and Academic Planning team began collecting syllabi across the college. Records are available to all CHS staff and faculty. 

CHS Syllabus Archive  

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