Supporting Students of Concern

As someone who interacts with students on a regular basis, you are in a pivotal position to identify behavior that may be of concern. This applies whether students become unresponsive to your outreach or disclose personal information that impacts their academic persistence and/or well being. Below are resources that can help you if you are concerned about a student. It is expected that you take steps to connect that student to resources.

CHS Student Retention Team

The College of Health Solutions has a team of designated staff who work in tandem with ASU student support resources regardless of campus or major. This collaboration allows for a full picture of a student’s situation and effective case management. Ensuring our students' experience is both intentional and supportive is crucial to their success and wellbeing. Our campus partners include but are not limited to:

  • American Indian Student Support Services
  • Dean of Students and Advocacy
  • Student Accessibility Inclusion Learning Services (SAILS)
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Services
  • Student Accounts
  • Career & Professional Development Services
  • Peer Coaching & Success Center (First-Year, Sophomore, Transfer)
  • TRiO & Upward Bound
  • LEAD Mentors & Faculty
  • University Academic Success Programs (Tutoring/Writing Center)
  • University Housing

Additionally, we can support your students through university processes and experiences such as:

  • Guiding students through the Medical/Compassionate Withdrawal
  • process
  • Outreach to non-responsive students
  • Navigating financial concerns
  • Students who receive multiple ASRs
  • Transitioning to the University

How do you articulate this to your students? We’re a team that meets with students one-on-one (in-person and via phone and Zoom) to help make sense of all the moving parts of university processes and supports students when life gets difficult.

Have a concern about any of your students here at CHS? Keep us informed by submitting cases through our intake form or via email at

Resources to share with students

Additional resources for faculty and staff

Contact Information

Faculty and staff can contact Mercedes Amador if you have an issue or question regarding a student who may be in distress.

Mercedes Amador
Director of Student Engagement and Retention

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