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Adjunct faculty appointments are unpaid, typically part-time positions for limited (not more than one-year) renewable terms. Adjunct faculty appointments are made in order to facilitate the adjunct faculty member’s professional association with the university for the benefit of the individual, college, and university in such roles as supervising clinical practice students, mentoring students, assisting with research efforts, and occasionally teaching. Adjunct faculty are not part of the Academic Assembly.

Appointment terms

Adjunct faculty appointments are made on an annual basis, July 1 to June 30. For new appointments requested between July 1 and February 1, the appointment will still expire June 30. If the appointment is requested between February and June, the appointment, if approved, will be through June 30 of the following year. 

CHS process overview

A CHS faculty requests an adjunct faculty appointment and the CHS faculty will act as a sponsor for the adjunct. The sponsor discusses the potential collaborations and goals of the appointment with the potential adjunct faculty. The sponsor works with the potential adjunct to complete the necessary documents needed to request the appointment and dean approval. Academic personnel HR reviews the documents submitted and sends to the dean for approval. There is an annual renewal process including a statement from the sponsor regarding the adjunct’s performance and review by the dean to renew adjunct appointments.

Application process

  1. Sponsor works with the adjunct applicant to complete the following documents for application:
      • Sponsor should complete the justification section of the adjunct faculty or Volunteer Affiliate ID Request form and the sponsor’s information at the bottom of the form. The adjunct should complete the remaining information.
    • If the adjunct applicant is an MD, the adjunct should complete the MD release form.
    • Adjunct applicant completes letter of application addressed to the dean.
      • The letter should include a statement of work and purpose of the appointment, including one or more measurable goals that would contribute to the mission of CHS. Contributions could include collaborating on a research grant, joint publications, clinical supervision, teaching and mentoring, etc. The applicant should be as specific as possible and include student involvement in some capacity.
    • Adjunct applicant sends Shayla McAnly at a copy of their most recent CV, and completed adjunct faculty/Volunteer Affiliate ID Request form and letter of application.
  2. Sponsor sends Shayla McAnly a letter of support that confirms their willingness to oversee the relationship as a sponsor and includes any additional details necessary regarding their planned contributions as agreed upon with the adjunct. Adjunct faculty should have involvement with students, please include student involvement in the letter of application or sponsor support letter. If not relevant, please state why.
    • The letter should outline the scope of work in detail. The work described should be measurable and specific so an evaluation of the appointment can be completed annually. For example, list specific courses (including course numbers) the adjunct will participate or guest lecture in, grants or special projects they will collaborate on and description of their role on these projects, and/or areas of mentorship they will provide, etc.
  3. You will be asked to provide a statement of evaluation of the adjunct’s work annually during the renewal process based on the scope of work identified upon application. You should continually be in contact with the adjunct to monitor their progress related to their stated contributions. The evaluation will be reviewed by the dean for the adjunct’s appointment renewal. Academic personnel HR will send all application materials to the dean to request approval. The sponsor may need to provide additional information as requested by the dean. 
  4. Upon dean approval, academic personnel HR will email the adjunct faculty an appointment letter for signature. The email will also include additional steps to finalize the appointment and adjunct benefits information. Please allow 10 business days for processing.
  5. The adjunct faculty will need to submit the Volunteer Registration Form (outlined in the appointment letter/email) within 30 days of appointment.
  6. The sponsor will need to approve the Volunteer Registration Form in DocuSign. The sponsor should do so as soon as possible. If not approved by the sponsor, the Volunteer Registration becomes void and needs to be resubmitted. 
  7. Academic personnel HR will submit a request to the provost’s office for the adjunct affiliation status and request access to CareerEdge for the faculty.
  8. The adjunct faculty will need to complete trainings identified in the appointment letter in CareerEdge within 30 days of appointment.

Appointment renewals

All adjunct faculty appointments expire on June 30. Academic personnel HR will contact the sponsors in April with instructions to submit an evaluation of their adjunct’s contributions and request renewal.

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