Notification of Consulting


  • Faculty must verify that the work does not conflict with university policies. Faculty should review related policies ACD 510-01 and ACD 204-08. The request will be denied if there is any potential conflict of interest, conflict of commitment or if it could interfere with the faculty’s regular responsibilities with the college. Faculty should state how the work will benefit ASU, as well as the individual requesting approval. The form should also explain how there is not a conflict of interest or conflict of commitment.
  • The consulting form must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the proposed beginning of the work and the work cannot begin until it is approved. The request will be denied if the form is not submitted by the due dates listed below. If denied for this reason, the faculty can delay the work and resubmit the form with the new dates for it to be reviewed.
    Due dates:
    • Aug. 1 for fall semester work beginning no earlier than Sept. 1 through Dec. 30
    • Dec. 1 for spring semester work beginning no earlier than Jan. 1 through May 14
    • April 15 for summer work beginning no earlier than May 15 through Aug. 31
  • If the work is for a full academic or fiscal year, it should be submitted once a year prior to the beginning of the work using the academic or fiscal year dates. If the work will continue the following year, the form must be submitted again for the following academic or fiscal year. If there is a change to the number of hours or type of work for that specific request within that year, a new form should be submitted.
  • Forms also need to be submitted for the summer semester for academic year employees to confirm there is not conflict of interest or commitment. This applies even if you are not simultaneously being paid under a summer contract for teaching, research, or other type of work.
  • Email reminders will be sent to all faculty twice a year.


  1. Complete the Notification of Consulting or other Remunerative Arrangement form. Please follow these guidelines:
    • Dates
      • Proposed dates of work must include both a start and end date. Open-ended dates will not be accepted.
      • For on-going work over a year, the form must be submitted on an annual basis by fiscal, academic year, or summer semester. For academic year faculty, academic year dates (8/16 to 5/15) should be used if the work is not completed during the summer. If the same work is completed throughout the academic year and summer, that dates Aug. 16 through Aug. 15 should be used. For fiscal faculty, dates July 1 through June 30 should be used.
    • What will you be doing for the organization or business entity AND What does the organization or business entity do?
      • The type of employment and description of the organization/business entity should be explained in as much detail as possible within the space allowed.
    • Do these activities affect ASU’s interest in any way?
      • After reviewing the conflict of interest policy referenced above, explain in detail and justify how your work does not have a conflict of interest with ASU or the college.
      • If you are not sure if there is a conflict of interest, please check no and explain what your concern is regarding a potential conflict of interest.
      • If yes, please explain in detail why you think there might be a conflict of interest. The form will still be reviewed by the assistant or associate dean, vice dean, and provost, who will make the final determination if there is a conflict of interest.
    • Hours per week, number of weeks, and total number of hours AND number of other hours
      • Hours per week, number of weeks, and total number of hours applies to planned activities.
      • Number of other hours applies to hours previously planned or disclosed in additional submitted Notification of Consulting forms for the current fiscal, academic year, summer, or academic year plus summer. For example, if you have already submitted a form(s) for a total of 20 hours planned (or now completed), then 20 hours should be listed in this field.
    • How will your regular university responsibilities be fulfilled when you are engaged in these supplemental activities?
      • Explain in detail and justify why this additional work will not conflict with your ability to complete your regular responsibilities to the university and college.
    • How will these supplemental activities contribute to your professional development and/or to ASU?
      • This should also include how this benefits your discipline, the community, and/or the college.
      • If the work could be perceived to have either a conflict of interest or a conflict of commitment, please address this specifically. Please refer to the policies above for definitions.
  2. Submit to academic personnel HR by email for review. Submit to
  3. Academic personnel HR will review the form and faculty will be contacted to correct and re-submit if the form is filled out incorrectly.
  4. Academic personnel HR will submit the form to the assistant or associate dean of Faculty Success and the vice dean for review, and signature, if approved.
  5. If approved, faculty will receive a copy of the form for their records. If denied, faculty will be sent a notification of denial with the reason. Faculty may make an appointment with the assistant or associate dean of Faculty Success to discuss the reason for the denial.

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