Summer Assignments Guidelines

Types of summer assignments and guidelines

These guidelines only apply to academic year faculty. Fiscal year faculty do not receive additional pay in the summer.

Teaching assignments

    • Summer teaching assignments for AY faculty are submitted by the program area’s degree or program director to academic personnel HR.
    • Per ACD 510-03, pay is 3.25% per credit hour of a faculty’s AY base salary from the preceding academic year (with established maximum):
      • 6 credits - 19.50% 
      • 5 credits - 16.25% 
      • 4 credits - 13.00% 
      • 3 credits - 9.75%
    • Established maximum base salary to calculate summer pay is $109,592.
    • Per ACD 510-03, teaching responsibilities in the summer sessions shall normally be limited as follows:
      • Summer six- and eight-week sessions: 6 credit hours
      • Maximum teaching responsibilities over all summer sessions shall not exceed 15 credit hours in a 12-month period.
    • If enrollment is low, the rate of a faculty’s pay could be reduced or courses may be cancelled based on the college’s budget needs. 

Research and Start-up pay

    • For research and start-up summer salary, the research advancement post-award team will work with faculty to establish pay and workload, and will complete related forms. No additional forms or offer letters are needed from academic personnel HR.
    • Faculty with summer research assignments cannot exceed a 100% workload (for all assignment types) during the summer semester. Per ACD 510-03:
      • Simultaneous involvement in summer session teaching and sponsored projects may not exceed 100 percent of compensated effort during a summer session.  This is referring to effort/FTE, not percentage of salary. The following percentages are established for each credit hour taught per session.
      • All Sessions:
          • 6 credits - 100%
          • 5 credits - 83%
          • 3 credits - 50%
          • 2 credits - 33%

Other types of assignments  

    • Academic personnel HR will work with Academic Success to identify administrative roles such as degree or program directors that require additional summer pay.
      • The maximum workload limits will also apply to administrative summer pay and will include teaching or research assignments.
    • If there are other types of assignments that do not fall under the above categories, please contact academic personnel HR for review.

Contact Information

Heather Roberts
HR Manager  

Edward Truong
Academic Personnel Specialist


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