Teaching Overload Requests


If there are not enough faculty to cover courses offered during the semester, there may be opportunities for full time faculty to teach the courses above their regular workload (teaching overload) and additional compensation will be provided. Your degree or program director will notify the faculty of teaching overload course opportunities each semester. The faculty’s degree or program director will submit the request if a faculty member would like to teach one of these courses as overload.

Teaching overload requests are submitted for faculty in their program. Once requests are received, they are reviewed by Academic Success, finance and the dean considering enrollment and student degree requirements. If approved, the faculty teaching the overload will receive a copy of the request form to sign. Salary payments are  paid over the same pay period dates corresponding to when the teaching assignment occurs (i.e., over session A/B/C). 

Please note that payments are subject to taxes and fees.

Degree or program directors should submit requests for teaching overloads through the DocuSign PowerForm.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I will receive compensation?

How long until I will receive compensation?

The processing time for discretionary accounts is 21 days after the semester starts. Salary compensation will be paid out in the period in which work was completed (i.e, session A/B/C).

What is the compensation by credit hour?

What is the compensation by credit hour?

Discretionary Account

Degree1 Credit2 Credits3 Credits
Master's Degree$1,433$2,866$4,300
Doctoral Degree$1,600$3,200$4,800

Salary (Gross amount before income taxes)

Degree1 Credit2 Credits3 Credits
Master's Degree$1,000$2,000$3,000
Doctoral Degree$1,100$2,250$3,400

Please note: Discretionary accounts are subject to university overhead of 8.5% of all expenditures (e.g. if you spend $100, the university charges you $108.50). The salary option is less than discretionary funds due to the university payroll fees (ERE).

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