Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars are individuals who are invited by faculty sponsors to participate in research and scholarship activities. These individuals do not hold an academic appointment or employment with ASU. Appointments are from one month to one year. They are not ASU employees and do not receive a salary, or any other financial assistance. They do qualify for student health insurance, but are not eligible for other benefits. They will need to provide their own funding that is typically provided through personal funds or other institutions. Individuals in these positions typically have a doctorate and/or may have significant expertise in the field.

Individuals may seek a visiting scholar status by contacting a CHS faculty member to secure sponsorship or a faculty member may recruit someone he or she is interested in working with. 

There can be no more than five visiting scholars per faculty member at one time.

Faculty sponsors are required to ensure the scholar completes the necessary training and track completion of the training if the scholar will be working in a lab.


If you would like to sponsor a visiting scholar, please submit the following information to Edward Truong at

  1. Scholar’s CV/resume
  2. Description of scholar’s work
  3. How many hours per week the scholar will work
  4. The scholar's start and end date
  5. The scholar's funding source for their stay
  6. Confirm if they are an international scholar that will require a J-1 Visa

After this information is provided, academic personnel HR will create an invitation letter for the scholar and send to the sponsor for signature. Upon dean approval, academic personnel will send the invitation letter to the scholar and copy the sponsor on the email. 

Should visiting scholars need housing accommodations, please have them visit ASU Housing and Sun Devil Dining.

International Scholars and J-1

If the scholar is visiting from another country and requires a J-1 visa, please submit the following to Edward Truong for the DS2019 / J-1 application. Please keep in mind the DS2019 will need to be mailed to the scholar and the faculty sponsor will be responsible for the postage.  

  • Program Objective (please provide a brief description of the scholar's program objective)
  • Program Activities (summary)
  • Please complete the English Proficiency documentation (if applicable, academic personnel will provide this form)

Academic personnel HR will also reach out to the scholar to gather additional documents and information necessary to complete the application.

For questions on the J-1 Scholars Process, please visit the International Students and Scholars Center.

Contact Information

Edward Truong
Academic Personnel Specialist

Heather Roberts
HR Manager  

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