Volunteers are persons (other than ASU students) performing official University activities while under the direction and control of an ASU employee and are not paid. 

ASU volunteers are provided liability insurance coverage, including liability for acts or omissions while serving in their authorized capacity in accordance with state law Arizona Revised Statutes § 41–621 et seq., Arizona Administrative Code R2–10–107(B). Workers' compensation coverage is not provided to volunteers.

Volunteers can create an ASU Gmail email address and access this through MyASU. Additional access may be given if requested and approved by IT.

For additional policies and guidelines please visit the Volunteer Insurance Services page.

Request a volunteer affiliation

This process is for volunteers who are not in labs. 

  1. In order to request a volunteer affiliation please submit name, number of hours, description of work, and length of service for the volunteer to Edward Truong at Edward.Truong@asu.edu
  2. Academic personnel HR will create a letter of appointment and update the individuals’ affiliation in the system. 
  3. Please have the volunteer complete the Volunteer Registration form through ASU Insurance Services. This is required for all volunteers at ASU.

Volunteers in labs

This is used specifically for volunteers in labs. This form does not apply to visiting scholars or research scientists, student workers in labs or enrolled students who are taking a lab class for academic credit. For minors in labs, please reference the Minors in Lab policy

  1. Complete electronic fields in the appropriate volunteer form. For minors in labs (under 18), please complete the minors in labs form:
    1. Edward Truong will notify you of the appropriate signers needed for the form.
    2. Once the volunteer has signed the form, the volunteer should advise their direct supervisor or primary investigator.
  2. All parties on the form must sign to be executed and to begin volunteer duties.
    1. If the volunteer is a minor, excluding minors in labs, a parent or legal guardian must also sign the form.
    2. A waiver must also be signed by all volunteers and is included in the respective volunteer form.
  3. Completed electronic forms are electronically sent to ASU Risk and Emergency Management.
    • Paper forms are available for special cases, such as large events where 25 or more volunteers may be present. Email ASU Risk Management at INSURANCESERVICES@asu.edu for information and appropriate steps.

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