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Restrictions are in place for all business travel. View the latest update.
Updated 4/7/2021


All trips with an overnight stay are processed in My ASU TRIP with a request submitted before travel and an expense report submitted within 30 days after a trip ends. My ASU TRIP is an end-to-end travel system for ASU faculty, staff, and students to create trip requests, book travel, and submit expense reports. The system is used for all trips with an overnight stay.

Authorized Driver Program

All ASU employees who drive university owned, leased or rented vehicles, including electric carts, for official business, or will be renting a car for travel, must complete the Authorized Driver Program.

ASU Travel Card

The ASU Travel Card is the preferred payment tool for all overnight travel expenses.  Using your ASU Travel Card reduces your out of pocket expenses, and charges to the card can be imported directly into your expense report - no manual entry!


One hour group sessions or personal one on one training available.  Email CHSTravel@asu.edu for dates and to reserve your seat.


ASU has launched the ASU Carbon Project, an innovative program to support ASU's Charter while mitigating ASU's carbon emissions. Starting July 1, all ASU-financed round-trip air travel will be carbon neutral through the project. An $8 price on carbon will be added to all ASU air travel. Learn more about the price on carbon and the ASU Carbon Project.

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