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ASU’s travel guidelines have been updated for all faculty and staff traveling on the university’s behalf, regardless of funding source. Please read and follow the guidelines below or visit the ASU Travel guidance webpage for the latest information. Updated 7/27/2021

All trips with an overnight stay are processed in My ASU TRIP. The request must be approved before travel occurs and an expense report submitted within 30 days after a trip ends. My ASU TRIP is an end-to-end travel system for ASU faculty, staff, and students to create trip requests, book travel, and submit expense reports. 

Before You Start

Travelers must obtain all necessary approval, both inside and outside of Concur before booking travel and documentation must be attached to the Concur Trip Request. After the trip request is fully approved in My ASU TRIP/Concur, book all travel through My ASU TRIP/Concur.

ASU will not reimburse travel expenses incurred without the required pre-authorization (dean/provost) and booking process.

  • In-state travel does not require approval from the dean.
  • Out-of-state travel requires approval from the dean.
  • International travel requires approval from the dean and provost.

Work with your supervisor to determine the funding source prior to starting this process.

Faculty can request assistance through ServiceNow.

Please follow all of the new requirements:

  • Travel should be booked within the Concur system. If you need assistance, contact MyASUTrip@asu.edu.
  • The traveler will not be reimbursed without appropriate prior approvals.
  • Travelers who have not received a second vaccination for COVID-19 at least two weeks prior to their departure date and the travel is outside of the state, need to be tested 1–3 days before the trip AND get tested 3–5 days upon return and work remotely for 7 days after the trip.
  • Travelers who are fully vaccinated and are traveling internationally need to be tested 3-5 days after travel before returning to campus.
  • If travel requests exceed available professional development funds, the traveler needs to indicate the funding source for the remaining costs.

Documents You'll Need

  • Dean and/or provost approval (if traveling outside of Arizona, send an email to CHSTravel@asu.edu with your trip details to get the process started).
  • My ASU TRIP Manual
  • Event information (Conference brochure, meeting agenda, training brochure, event website, etc.)
  • Approved Professional Development Form (if applicable)
  • Approved Scholarly Activity Funds Application (if applicable)
  • Email authorization to travel on grant funds (If using grant funds and traveler is not the Principal Investigator)

Process and FAQs

1. Pre-Approval

1. Pre-Approval

When is pre-approval required?
Pre-approval is required when:

  • You are traveling outside of Arizona
  • You are using CHS funds

You do not need pre-approval if:

  • You are traveling in-state

I need pre-approval, what documentation is needed?
Depending upon your travel plans, you may need one or more of the following:

How do I know if my request for CHS funding was approved?
You will receive an email:

  • If you completed a DocuSign application, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link to the completed DocuSign form with all approval signatures.
  • If you submitted a request for Staff Professional Development, you will receive a confirmation email with the approved form as an attachment.


2. Trip Request

2. Trip Request

What is a Trip Request?
A Trip Request is the request to travel submitted in the ASU Travel System My ASU TRIP.

It allows the university to know traveler location, assess risk, provide university paid umbrella insurance while in travel status, and contains the trip itinerary and expense estimate. The system is used for all trips with an overnight stay or when air travel is required.

How do I access My ASU TRIP?
You may access My ASU TRIP via the ASU Travel website or login directly.

I don’t have access to My ASU TRIP, how do I create a profile?

  • If you are an active employee, your profile was created at the time of hire.
  • If you are unable to access My ASU TRIP after first logging into MyASU, please send an email to CHSTravel@asu.edu and we will help look into it further on your behalf.

How do I create a Trip Request?
Step-by-step instructions for creating a Trip Request can be found on page 34 of the My ASU TRIP Travel Guide.

When do I submit the Trip Request?
The My ASU TRIP Trip Request must be submitted and fully approved prior to booking any travel or incurring any expenses. Best practice is to allow at least 14 days for Trip Request review and approval.

What documents do I need to attach to the My ASU TRIP Trip Request?

  • Event information such as a conference brochure, training brochure, or meeting agenda.
  • Dean and/or provost approval if traveling outside of Arizona.
  • Funding approval. Attach a signed copy of the DocuSign form or other pre-approval documentation.
  • Cost comparison. If your trip contains personal travel, if you are driving instead of flying, or if you choose an upgraded airfare/car rental option, ASU Travel requires a cost comparison to be attached, proving there is no incremental cost to ASU.

I’m renting a vehicle, are there any special guidelines?
Yes. ASU employees who will be renting a car for travel must complete the Authorized Driver Program prior to the travel departure date.

  • In order to comply with the Arizona Administrative Code, the university implemented the Authorized Driver Program November 1, 2017. The Arizona Administrative Code is intended to reduce liability and enhance safety awareness
  • For more information, please see the ASU Authorized Driver Program FAQ page.
  • Best practice is to start the Authorized Driver Program 21 days before departure.
  • Learn about the instructions and options for completing the Authorized Driver Program.

Who is the Cost Center or Grant Manager?
Your Trip Request will be sent to Angela L. Smith as both the CHS Cost Center and Grant Manager.

I received a “Dean/VP and Risk Management approval needed: risk destination” alert on my Trip Request, what do I need to do?

Your travel destination has been flagged by ASU Risk Management as a high-risk destination and they will require additional information before your trip is approved. CHS Travel has a Risk Management form in DocuSign. This form contains all of the necessary information required by the ASU Risk Management Office. Please contact CHSTravel@exchange.asu.edu to initiate the form.

There is no cost to ASU or CHS for an upcoming trip, do I still need to submit a Trip Request?
Yes, a zero dollar trip is travel where ASU or CHS will not be reimbursing you for any travel expenses. If the trip is outside of Arizona, it will require dean and/or provost approval.

Entering a zero dollar trip for your travel ensures coverage under ASU’s umbrella insurance policy and helps us to locate you in case of an emergency (domestic, international, or weather related).

I need help submitting my Trip Request, who can help me?


3. Booking Travel

3. Booking Travel

When can I book my travel?
After your trip has been pre-approved (if required) and the Trip Request has been submitted and fully approved, you may book your travel.

How do I book my travel?

  • All travel must be booked through the MyASUTrip/Concur system.
  • Travelers are responsible for their making their own travel arrangements; however, some additional resources are available:

Do all of my travel expenses need to be out-of-pocket?

With an approved Trip Request, your airfare booked in the My ASU TRIP system will be paid by ASU directly.

4. Expense Report

4. Expense Report

What is an Expense Report?
An Expense Report is the reconciliation of travel expenses submitted in the ASU Travel System My ASU TRIP. It is created from approved Trip Requests, documents actual trip expenses and itineraries, houses documentation such as receipts, invoices, funding approval, and event information, and is the source of public record.

Are there any fees associated with submitting an Expense Report?
Yes, there are two fees:

  1. Expense Report Fee ($10.45)
  2. Carbon Offset ($12)

Both fees are charged to the allocated account(s) on the Expense Report.

  • Expense Report Fee
    • This is the cost of submitting an Expense Report.
  • Carbon Offset
    • ASU’s air travel is responsible for about 45,000 metric tons of emissions each year. To offset the equivalent to these emissions, the university assesses a $12 fee for carbon offset that is added to all round-trip ASU-sponsored air travel. Purchased offsets will help establish the ASU Carbon Project, the program for mitigating ASU’s emissions while supporting the community, education and research.

How do I create an Expense Report?
Instructions for completing an Expense Report can be found on page 76 of the My ASU TRIP manual.

When do I submit the Expense Report?
Per ASU Policy, the My ASU TRIP Expense Report must be submitted and approved within 30 days of the trip end date.
It is suggested to submit your Expense Report about 14 days after the trip end date to ensure adequate time for review and approval.

What documents do I need to attach to the Expense Report?

  • All documents that were attached to the Trip Request should also be attached to your Expense Report.
  • Additionally, itemized receipts are required for airfare, lodging, business meals, and car rentals regardless of dollar amount. Other out-of-pocket expenses require receipts only if they are in excess of $50.
    • These receipts need to include the name of the person who paid, the method of payment, and the amount paid.
    • Lodging also has additional requirements for the receipt.
      • The traveler's name.
      • The name and address of the lodging establishment.
      • Check–in and check–out dates.
      • Itemized expenses, i.e., room charges, applicable taxes and fees, room service, movie fees, telephone expenses, internet service fees, etc.
      • Proof of payment.

Who is the Cost Center or Grant Manager?
As with Trip Requests, both the Cost Center and Grant Manager is Angela L Smith.

I had a Zero Dollar Trip Request, do I submit an Expense Report?
No, an Expense Report is not created for a Zero Dollar trip, as there were no expenses. Instead, when you return from your trip, you will close/inactivate the Trip Request.

I need help submitting my Expense Report. Who can help me?

How will I receive my reimbursement?
Reimbursements are dispersed in the same manner as your payroll; i.e. direct deposit or paper check. 

Faculty Travel

Faculty Travel

How do I request Professional Development Funds for my trip?

  • Professional development is a CHS college fund that is requested through a DocuSign application form and is approved by the assistant/associate dean.
  • The process for requesting Professional Development Funds can be found on the Faculty Development Fund page.
  • If you are familiar with the process and would like to submit an application, you may complete the Professional Development Funds Application.

What is the Scholarly Activity Fund and how do I apply?
Scholarly Activity is a separate fund that has been set aside to support the presentation of research for all faculty and is approved by committee review. Apply for the Scholarly Activity Fund when the cost of the presentation will exceed the total of all your available funding (Professional Development, RID, IIA, Start-up, Discretionary, etc.).

For more information and the process for requesting Scholarly Activity Funds, please contact CHSCompliance@asu.edu to have the information sent to you.

Whom may I contact if I need assistance with my travel?
CHS has an Academic Administrative Group that is available to assist faculty with their travel. Please submit a Request for Travel Assistance through the Service Now catalog for help with the following:

  • Completing the Professional Development Funds application
  • Booking travel
  • My ASU TRIP Trip Request and Expense Report creation 

Staff Travel

Staff Travel

How do I request Professional Development Funds for my trip?
Professional development is a College fund that is requested through a PDF application form and is approved by Staff Success. The process for requesting Professional Development Funds can be found on the Staff Development Fund page.

Whom may I contact if I need assistance with my travel?
Staff may request assistance with My ASU TRIP Trip Request and Expense Report creation by contacting CHSTravel@asu.edu.

Student Travel

Student Travel

Whom may I contact if I need assistance with my travel?
Students may request assistance with My ASU TRIP Trip Request and Expense Report creation by contacting CHSTravel@asu.edu.

Travel Training

Travel Training

  • The ASU travel department offers My ASU TRIP training through Career EDGE.
  • The My ASU TRIP manual is a step-by-step process guide located on the ASU Travel website
  • If you would like to receive individual training for yourself or your team, please email CHSTravel@asu.edu.

Additional Resources

Additional Resources

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