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The goal of CHS Onboarding is to ensure new faculty, staff and student employees are welcomed to CHS by their supervisors and provided general resources to begin their new role successfully. Supervisors or the designated staff member for faculty will be responsible for having a Welcome Meeting with the new employee on their first day with CHS utilizing the Welcome Meeting Guide.

Onboarding resources





The Supervisor To-Do List provides supervisors the steps recommended they take before the employee starts.

The Faculty Welcome Meeting Guide and the Staff or Student Welcome Meeting Guide have a list of things the supervisor should review during the first day/week with the new employee.

The Mandatory and Recommended Training chart organizes training for staff providing quick links to the training. Note that all employees, regardless of the time frame they will be working, need to complete mandatory training within their first two weeks of their start date. If the new employee is transferring from another ASU department, make sure they are up-to-date with the training.

Use the First Week or First Day Agenda templates to help your new employee organize their time or know what things you want them to work on for their first day or week. Tip: email the agenda selected once completed since the agendas have links to resources and CHS Intranet topics to learn more about the college.

The Team Directory Template can be used to create a list of contacts essential to the role.

The ASU Organizations document helps the new employee be aware of the organizations they join.


The Staff and Student Talking Points should be reviewed with employees to inform them of CHS employee expectations.


The Accomplishments document can be used to help the employee track their accomplishments for the year and is helpful for ongoing 1:1’s or when discussing employee evaluations.



New employee's first week

Responsibilities of the new employee

New employees must complete the New Hire Packet and I-9 Form with an HR representative. Please make sure to have the appropriate forms of identification as indicated in the packet.

Tempe campus
Office hours are Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
(The I-9 packet and I-9 Form is accepted until 4:30 p.m.)
University Center Bldg. A (UCNTRA)
1100 E. University Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85281
Phone: 855-278-5081

Downtown campus
Jarelly Gomez
By appointment only
Health North 5th floor



Preparing new employees for long-term success

There are many ways to ensure that new faculty and staff achieve long-term success while at the College of Health Solutions. We've gathered information to help supervisors and new employees build a solid foundation that will help new employees thrive.

How to ensure the long-term success of new employees


Onboarding documents

Contact Information

Contact the CHS Staff Success Hub for assistance with new employee onboarding or for any questions regarding onboarding resources.

Sandy Martinez
Manager, Administrative Support Operations and Staff Success
(602) 496-1123

Contact CHS IT for assistance with computer and user accounts.

Henry Barto
Director of Technology Services

Steven Thompson
IT Assistant Director

Contact CHS facilities team for assistance with workspace allocation and building access.

Lori Davis
Business Operations Manager (Facilities)

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