Staff Development Fund


This process applies to staff at the College of Health Solutions who wish to take advantage of the available professional development opportunities.


Non-Travel Authorization Form


  1. Find opportunities online that relate to your job description and future progression.
    • Ask your supervisor for your current job description or ask
  2. Fill out the application for the Non-Travel Authorization Form
    • This request can include expenses for webinar, self-paced courses, professional membership dues or payment for books needed for ASU courses.
  3. Submit form to your supervisor for approval
    • Every benefits-eligible staff member will be provided $250 per year to use for their professional growth. The amount will be prorated based on the employees FTE. Preference will be given to those who need to fulfill Continued Education Credits (CEs).
    • All benefits-eligible sponsored staff will receive $125 toward their professional development. The remaining portion will be covered by the Principal Investigator’s Research Incentive Distribution (RID) account.
    • If the funds are coming from your annual Professional Development Funds, ensure your supervisor is allowing the time away, if applicable.
    • If you are requesting funds for an opportunity that exceeds your $250 budget, the request will be reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis.
    • If you are requesting funds to maintain a license required for your job, please make sure to provide a PDF showing the organization’s re-certification requirements.
    • Make sure to include a quote/estimated breakdown or information from the organization’s website of the costs as a PDF that includes the application.
  4. Once approved by your supervisor, submit your documentation preferably in PDF format to for routing.
  5. The Staff Success team will review your request and respond via email with the outcome of your request. Please allow 7-14 days for processing.
    • If additional approval is required, the request may take longer for processing and you may need to provide additional information.
    • If your request is incomplete, you will need to provide additional information or justification.
    • If your request is approved, Tyna Chu will coordinate payment with CHS Finance.
  6. Reconcile all expenses in accordance ASU Financial Purchasing policies.

Contact Information

Tyna Chu
Associate Director, Dean's Office Operations

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