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Telecommuting and Flex Schedules for Staff

As outlined in the ASU Staff Personnel Manual, telecommuting is an alternative work arrangement when it is mutually beneficial to both ASU and the employee. These arrangements are agreed upon between a supervisor and their team member. The goal of these alternative work arrangements is to support a work-life balance, healthy lifestyles, and increase employee satisfaction while continuing to maintain a high quality of work and delivery of services. These alternative work arrangements will also contribute to the university’s and the State of Arizona’s sustainable transportation goals.

The College of Health Solutions is pleased to offer telecommuting options and flex schedules as a benefit to our staff; however, telecommuting is a benefit and not a right. 


  1. Telecommuting and flexible schedule options are available to employees who have demonstrated sustained high performance and have been in their role for 6 months or longer.
  2. Employee’s ability to maintain the expected quantity and quality of workload.
  3. Department’s ability to maintain the level of service to students and ASU community.


The options presented below are college level parameters and the supervisor is expected to use their discretion to work with their employee to create an arrangement that supports the business needs of the unit. A supervisor may use their discretion in creating the agreement to allow the options below to be mixed as needed; however, it is the expectation that the supervisor monitors the performance of the employee.

  1. Telecommute from home no more than (2) days per pay period, with a maximum of 8 hours per work week.
  2. Work at an alternative work location (1) day a week working at CHS remote location. Contact CHSReception@asu.edu for available locations in Tempe, Scottsdale –Mayo (BMI) or Downtown.
  3. Flexible Work Schedule: The employee creates an alternative schedule that is agreed upon with their supervisor as needed, as long as business needs are met. (e.g. working 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. instead of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)


  1. Once you and your supervisor agree on a scheduled telecommuting day, you must adhere to that day of the week for the duration of your agreement.
  2. If your telecommuting falls on a scheduled university holiday, the switching of days will not be allowed.
  3. Per ASU policy, telecommuting is not a substitute for child or family care.
  4. To ensure adequate coverage and delivery of services, telecommuting agreements will not be in effect the following dates as outlined on the University’s Academic Calendar.
    • Winter Break: Between the Monday after the conclusion of the Fall Semester and Monday of Spring Semester.
    • Spring Break
  5. If you are required to be on campus during a regularly scheduled telecommuting day for a college event, mandatory meeting or any other specified need by your supervisor or college leadership, your telecommuting day for that week will be canceled and cannot be moved to another day.
  6. If there are peak times for your respective area, your supervisor reserves the right to temporarily suspend the agreement. These dates and times will be communicated to the employee in a timely manner.
  7. Failure to meet work obligations will result in the cancellation of the agreement.
  8. Agreements will be reviewed on a fiscal year schedule (July 1 – June 30). 


  1. Employee and supervisor meet and discuss arrangements.
  2. Complete the CHS Telecommuting Agreement Form.
  3. The manager will notify the employee when the agreement is approved and submit the completed form to CHS-HR@asu.edu once approved by the designated CHS Leadership for a notation in the employee’s HR file.
  4. It is the responsibility of the employee and their supervisor to ensure the agreement is renewed, approved and resubmitted to CHS HR after the agreement expires.

Download CHS Telecommuting/Flex Schedule Agreement Form

Required Leadership Approvals

Dean's OfficeTyna Chu
Student Success HubCarrie Robinson
Business SolutionsLynne Davis
Research Success HubLaida Restrepo
Vice DeanTyna Chu
Academic Success HubJulie Liss

Applicable ASU Policies

This telecommuting agreement process adheres to ASU standards.  Please refer to the following for additional information:

Contact Information

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