Certifications and Professional Licenses

Certification and license funding is available for faculty to assist with payment of professional licenses, professional certifications, and credentialing fees.


  • All requests for credentialing fees, certification and license funding must be pre-approved by the Assistant or Associate Dean of Faculty Success prior to payment.
  • Requests shall be submitted via the CHS Certification and License Request DocuSign Powerform.
  • Once you have completed and electronically signed the form, it will automatically route to the Assistant or Associate Dean of Faculty Success for review and disposition.
  • If approved, you will receive a copy of the completed form via a DocuSign email.
  • Please forward a PDF copy of your approved application and relevant information (website information, itemized invoice, license/certification information, etc.) to CHSFinance@asu.edu for purchasing assistance. 

Note: Use of personal funds for an ASU approved purchase is discouraged. If you made a purchase using personal funds, please contact CHSFinance@asu.edu for information and next steps.

Contact Information

Tenure/Tenure Track
Rachel Otero

Non-Tenure Eligible
Brenda Madison

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