Academic Personnel Actions Reporting System

The Academic Personnel Actions Reporting System (APARS) is a “one-stop shopping” experience for academic personnel actions that leverages shared resources and improves service delivery, consistency and reporting for academic personnel, administrators and staff.

APARS provides a centralized product for managing academic personnel data and processes in a secure system. The three products listed below are contained in this system; all of which are relevant to CHS processes. 

Faculty Search

Faculty Search allows search committees to track and evaluate candidate materials.

ASU Vita

ASU Vita will go live in fall 2021. Academic personnel can build an electronic curriculum vitae and report annual activities. All CV data should be entered into this system no later than Sept. 30, 2021. All faculty are required to report annual activities after teaching one semester with CHS. In addition to the self-paced training sessions found at Career EDGE Training and the APARS training help article, faculty can find additional support for ASU Vita by contacting:

Please explore the system and make the revisions needed to your data before we go live with annual evaluations.

Review, Promotion and Tenure

Review, Promotion and Tenure (RPT) is currently in pilot phase for probationary review only and the go live date is TBD. RPT streamlines the personnel actions review process for candidates, external reviewers and institutional committees.

Additional Information

More information about APARS can be found on the ASU Academic Personnel Actions Reporting System webpage.

Contact Information

Tenure/Tenure Track
Rachel Otero

Non-Tenure Eligible
Brenda Madison

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