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NTE Professional Development Course Release (PDCR) Program

The College of Health Solutions (CHS) Professional Development Course Release (PDCR) program is available to full-time, benefits-eligible non-tenure eligible faculty with teaching responsibilities as outlined on their workload agreement, exclusive are those in administrative positions at the level of Assistant Dean or above.

Course releases through the PDCR program are granted to faculty to increase a faculty member’s value to CHS through enhanced opportunities for professional renewal, educational travel, study, formal education, research, writing, or other experience of professional value, not as a reward for service. The PDCR program is a competitive process, wherein one PDCR will be awarded per 25 eligible NTE faculty. In addition to the rank requirements outlined above, eligible faculty must have at least six years’ full-time service with the University. If awarded a PDCR, the awardee may be released from up to two courses in a given semester, or one course for two consecutive semesters in order to fulfill the terms of the PDCR development plan.

Award Criteria

Award Criteria

The criteria for awarding PDCR to eligible faculty are:

  • A completed application is submitted with all required documentation
  • The proposed activities during the PDCR period will substantially benefit the professional knowledge and/or skills of the faculty member in areas relevant to his/her career development at CHS. Examples include, but are not limited to: engagement in community-based clinical activities not normally included in the faculty’s scope of work in an effort to update one’s clinical skills, participation in an intensive educational training program for the purpose of updating teaching skills and/or CHS curricula, or visiting scholar activities at another institution intended to enhance educational, training, or research collaboration opportunities.
  • The proposed activities will substantially benefit the teaching, research, and/or clinical programs of CHS and further contribute to their development through the honing of skills that can be linked to enhanced CHS student learning when implemented after completion.
  • The proposed activities are consistent with the Mission, Vision, Values, and Charter of CHS and Arizona State University
  • Faculty completing a PDCR are not eligible for course overages in the semester(s) they are completing the PDCR.

Application Instructions

Application Instructions

Due Dates

  • March 31 for subsequent Spring
  • October 31 for subsequent Fall


The applicant will submit a PDCR Application, curriculum vitae, and two-page narrative summary of the scope and timeline for proposed PDCR within the required time frames. This shall be submitted to the Assistant Dean of Non-Tenure Eligible Faculty Success no less than six months in advance of the requested PDCR; faculty will be invited to apply for PDCR in August and January each year; if granted, engagement in PDCR will occur one year from application. The application will be evaluated based on the aforementioned criteria, and additionally taking into consideration the potential value to/of the PDCR activities to the reputation of CHS, and/or the provision of outstanding public or professional service at a local or national level. The Assistant Dean of NTE Faculty Success will counsel with an ad hoc committee, consisting of elected NTE Members of the Personnel Committee and other relevant stakeholders as needed, to review the materials and recommend to the Dean of CHS if the application is judged worthwhile, if there is a high probability that the applicant will succeed as proposed, and how the program’s teaching and advising will be maintained during the applicant’s absence. The final decision to grant an applicant with a PDCR is at the discretion of the Dean.

Once approved by the ad hoc committee, Assistant Dean of NTE Faculty Success, and Dean of the College of Health Solutions, the specific course(s) the faculty is released from will be determined in collaboration with the degree coordinator, based on program needs and faculty expertise, taking into consideration the time necessitated to complete the PDCR when releasing faculty from A/B versus C session courses.

Conditions of Award

Conditions of Award

PDCRs are considered assigned duties, and as such, faculty members are evaluated while on PDCR in such a way as appropriate for the assigned duties. It is the responsibility of the faculty to provide data for evaluation of their performance while on a PDCR, consistent with its purpose.

Within 30 days of completion of the PDCR, the faculty member must provide the Assistant Dean of NTE Faculty a concise written report of their accomplishments during the PDCR. This report will include information regarding the activities undertaken during the PDCR,
the results accomplished during the PDCR as they affect the employee and the College, and any research or other scholarly work produced or expected to be produced as a result of the PDCR. Additionally, assuming renewal of contracts for the next academic year, faculty completing the PDCR are expected to present their report to the faculty during a monthly Faculty Forum session.

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