Culture, Connections and Community: CHS End State Initiatives

The charter, vision, mission and values of the College of Health Solutions provide a common understanding of who we are and the purpose of our work, now and into the future. These statements serve as our “north star” by helping us remain focused on why we exist and give us direction and focus; However, they are timeless and one never arrives at or reaches the north star.

While the COVID-19 pandemic brought new challenges to every aspect of our work and lives, a silver lining was the way in which it unified our college, aligning us even more so toward our ultimate north star. Students, faculty, staff and administrators worked collaboratively, communicated frequently and engaged broadly with stakeholders and the community. CHS was seen as a leader for ASU’s response to COVID-19. The way in which we came together to address a major health challenge provided a model for how we can activate our charter, vision, mission and values and create solutions to a complex, large-scale problem.

End State

It became clear that for the college to continue to advance as a leader in health at ASU and the broader community, there must be something just on the horizon to navigate toward on the way to our north star. This is called the end state. The end state is a succinct aspirational statement of how we want our organization and the world to be different because of the work that we do. The end state makes our north star more tangible.

Leaders from every area of the college came together to develop the college’s end statement:

The College of Health Solutions leads the health enterprise at ASU. We boldly transform the way we educate our students. We eliminate barriers to collaboration. We rapidly move research into practice. Our faculty, staff, students and community partners unite to optimize the health of the diverse populations we serve.

End state initiatives

We then explored a variety of comprehensive goals to advance CHS toward the end state. In addition to advancing toward the end state, these goals also connect deeply with our vision, mission and values and help realize the ASU Charter by assuming fundamental responsibility for the health of the communities we serve. We aim to pursue the following three initiatives:

  • Academic Center for Health Science Innovation
  • Population Health Community Cohort
  • Horizon*: A Trusted Resource for Reliable Health Information and a Recognized Convener of Health Expertise

Academic Center for Health Science Innovation

The ASU Academic Center for Health Sciences Innovation will provide interprofessional clinical services to a diverse population, while creating a learning laboratory for clinical translational science and interprofessional training across the health professions. This center would provide services unique to the ASU community and collaborators across the Phoenix metropolitan area, including but not limited to speech, hearing, nutrition, exercise and wellness, behavioral health, chronic disease management and other areas.

For more information or to get involved in this initiative, contact Kristen Will at

Population Health Community Cohort

We plan to create an infrastructure to partner with a community (or communities) for assessing a broad range of biological, behavioral and environmental determinants while creating opportunities to partner with communities and co-create interventions. Ideally, a health system (i.e, Dignity in East Valley) would be engaged so that EMR data would be available and clinicians could be involved in the research. This could also be a great resource for our students for internships. This population could be a resource for other colleges that want to test health interventions.

For more information or to get involved in this initiative, contact Matt Buman at  or Corrie Whisner at

Horizon*: A Trusted Resource for Reliable Health Information and a Recognized Convener of Health Expertise

ASU’s Ask a Biologist receives millions of visits per year from learners interested in biology.  Much like Ask a Biologist, CHS aims to develop a comprehensive platform to provide expert knowledge and information in a timely manner, convene experts and reach/educate thousands to millions of learners about relevant health topics.

*Note: Horizon is a placeholder, or working name, until this resource is named.

For more information or to get involved in this initiative, contact Simin Levinson at

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