College Name and Logo Standards

The name of our college and its offerings represent who we are as an institution. They are the core elements of our communications efforts, and must be applied consistently to convey a single, clear message. The complete College of Health Solutions name should be used in external marketing and communications materials. The “CHS” abbreviation for our college can be used in internal communications only.

Approved Logos (for download)

These logos are approved for use to represent the College of Health Solutions. All materials created or updated after July 2018 should use the college logo provided below. Use of these images is governed by the ASU Brand and Marketing Guide. By downloading these images, you are agreeing to adhere to these guidelines. Any individual, organization or company wishing to use Arizona State University’s logos and trademarks must obtain the right to do so in writing from the university.

Click on any version below to download the logo. If you have problems, then right-click the link for the desired format and select “Save Target As.” The white logos will have a clear background when downloaded.

Can my unit have a unique logo?

In order to ensure brand consistency, we require that the ASU/College of Health Solutions sunburst logo is used as the only official college graphic logo. Certain units and projects may be eligible for a custom variation of our logo, which must be designed and approved in advance through Marketing and Event Solutions prior to production.

Currently, two units in the College of Health Solutions have approved sub-branded logos due to their primary work being externally focused. They are:

  • Center for Health Information and Research
  • Speech and Hearing Clinic

Contact Marketing and Event Solutions for these logo files.

May a student or student organization use approved ASU/CHS logos?

Voluntary faculty, staff organizations, as well as student organizations may not use these marks. The approved logos, word marks and signatures may only be used by faculty, staff and units of the university when conducting university business.

Any individual, organization or entity external to the university interested in using any of the CHS trademarks must receive prior approval from Marketing and Event Solutions.

Contact Information

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