Recharge Centers

Recharge centers are ASU facilities that offer their services or specific products for a fee to the ASU community and non-ASU customers. The centers below are managed by the College of Health Solutions and support a variety of research-related activities such as consultation, training, and equipment usage.

Biostatistics Core

Expertise in study design, implementation of statistical methodology and data analysis, data management and research methods training. 

Center for Health Information and Research

CHiR serves as a resource, tool, and collaborator for individuals and organizations that need comprehensive health care information and data analytics for public, private and research uses. The center collects health information and information on social determinants of health from a variety of sources across Arizona. This information is housed in centralized repositories and can be used to track the health care and well-being of individuals and populations over time and across providers and health insurers.

Healthy Lifestyles Recharge Center

Dedicated laboratory space for multidisciplinary research focused on human health. The space includes a clinical research suite, exercise and cardiovascular physiology lab, biochemistry and molecular lab, metabolic kitchen and feeding area, and private interview and exam rooms.

Metabolomics Lab

Development, optimization, and applications of mass spectrometry methods for both qualitative and quantitative measurements. The lab has both theoretical knowledge and hands-on access with liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS), gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GS-MS), ambient mass spectrometry, and metabolic analysis of various bio-samples. 

Recording Studio

Multimedia development is available through CHS Instructional Support. The studio includes a sound stage, full-service video and audio production and post-production, interview set, and studio lighting.

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