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Translational Science Core Team

Meet our Team

Scott Leischow
Scott Leischow
Director of Clinical and Translational Science

Role of Project Coordinators

Coordination activities are two-fold:

  1. Strategic initiative-level activities
  2. Meta-level coordination of teams and networks

Initiative-level coordination is provided by the initiative’s management lead and the project coordinators. This includes coordination of application processes, compilation and evaluation of initiative and team/network metrics, implementation and periodic assessment of a comprehensive communication strategy, preparation of annual and periodic reports, budget review and preparation, initiative evaluation, and strategic initiatives. Below are some specific items they can provide to your team/network:


  • Facilitation
  • Training and Team Development
  • Community engagement
  • Student engagement
  • Communication and outreach planning
  • Systems evaluation and development
  • Strategic processes


  • Admin support
  • Research coordination
  • Single task focused actions
  • Grant writing, grant development, RA activities

Al’s Strategic Initiative Focus: Developing tools and frameworks for the initiative and its teams and networks. His major foci for the academic year 2020-2021 are the initiative’s strategic plan, which encompasses tools for team management and facilitation, Team Science innovations including network mapping and development, and an overarching strategic communications plan.

Abdul’s Strategic Initiative Focus: Furthering the strategic initiative goals of student engagement, community engagement and research collaboration overall. Facilitating processes and programs to address student engagement, community engagement and research collaboration.

Affinity Networks Contacts

Affinity Network NameLead(s)Admin SupportPre-Award Research Admin (Proposal Support)
AthleticsJoe MarsitLauren BarnesNancy Osgood
Biomedical Informatics, Biomedical Diagnostics, and Data ScienceMatthew Scotch
Dongwen Wang
Lauren BarnesNancy Osgood
Dissemination and ImplementationRodger Kessler
Matthew Buman
Cady Berkel
Bernadette ElliottNancy Osgood
Experiential LearningJordan MillerLori ChairaNancy Osgood
Health Policy and EquitySwapna Reddy
Jessica Lehmann
Lauren BarnesNancy Osgood
Research Participants Registry and DatabaseAparna RaoLori ChairaNancy Osgood
SimulationSandra Mayol-Kreiser
Kelly Ingram
Lori ChairaNancy Osgood
TrainingC.R. MacchiLauren BarnesNancy Osgood
Social Emotional Learning and IntelligenceShawn Hrncir
Cara Sidman
Edward TruongNancy Osgood
Research Coordination and ManagementSabrina MahamRachel OteroNancy Osgood

Translational Teams Contacts

Translational Team NameLead(s)Admin SupportPre-Award Research Admin (Proposal Support)
Autism Spectrum DisorderBlair Braden
Maria Dixon
Bernadette ElliottNancy Osgood
Improving Outcomes for Children with Cleft PalateNancy Scherer
Kelly Cordero
Bernadette ElliottNancy Osgood
Maternal Child HealthMeg Bruening
Cady Berkel
Lori ChairaNancy Osgood
Child Language and LiteracyShelley GrayBernadette ElliottNancy Osgood
Metabolic HealthMatthew Buman
Dorothy Sears
Lori ChairaNancy Osgood
Value-Based Payment for Oral Health in ArizonaWilliam RileyLauren BarnesNancy Osgood
COVID-19Brad Doebbeling
David Sklar
Matt Scotch
Tina YoungNancy Osgood
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