Award Review and Acceptance

ASU’s Office of Research and Sponsored Projects Administration (ORSPA) is responsible for review and acceptance of awards for sponsored projects made to AZ Board of Regents on behalf of Arizona State University to ensure that the award terms and conditions are acceptable to the University and that the award can be managed properly under the University’s policies and procedures for sponsored projects.

ORSPA makes every effort to process acceptance of the award so that an account is set up in the ASU system as quickly as possible. They may reach out to the PI and college-level research administrator to ensure that the amount of the award, period of performance, subcontractors, etc. are accurate.  

It's important for the Notice of Award (NOA) to be reviewed by all interested parties so that the requirements are understood.   

The Understanding Your Notice of Award page looks at the types of information contained in a Notice of Award (NOA). Examples from various awards are provided throughout.

While sponsors’ Notices of Award will differ in format, most will contain information about the topics included on this page.

Reviewing Notices of Award at the time of receipt, in conjunction with the sponsors’ general award management guidelines, will help to ensure that projects progress smoothly.

For questions arising from this page or reviewing a Notice of Award, please contact your assigned research administrator of

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