Award Setup

Once a fully executed agreement has been received from the sponsor, the Award Management Team (AMT) will set up a grant account in the financial management system (Workday). They will also input a delivery schedule for invoicing and financial reporting. 

At-Risk Account

For spending to occur, a grant account must be established. If the award agreement has been processed, the account should be set up seamlessly. In some situations, the award has not been processed yet the investigator needs to start the project to keep the timeline on track. In these cases, an at-risk account may be requested on behalf of the investigator. It’s typically required that the sponsor provides a commitment letter and the Dean approves the account. Typically, at-risk accounts are authorized for 25% of the award amount. A non-grant account must be identified to absorb the costs should the funding not materialize.  

PIs should work with their assigned research administrator if an at-risk account will be needed.

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