Grant Review Assistance

The Grant Review Committee (GRC) in the College of Health Solutions is designed to provide faculty feedback on their grant proposals. It is available for any faculty who wants to improve the quality of their proposals and to provide mentorship to assistant professors still in the process of developing their grantmanship. 

The GRC will hold mock panel reviews three times per year, following NIH dates and deadlines. Faculty can opt out of the mock review panel to receive only written feedback from 2-3 reviewers. We have updated our process to allow for a rolling review of proposals not wanting a mock review.

Grant Review Committee Process

  • Specific Aims and Proposals may be submitted at any time during the year.
  • Full proposals that do not opt out of the mock review must be submitted before CHS pre-award deadline (see deadlines below) to allow for thoughtful review and meaningful feedback.
  • Documents to be reviewed should be sent to following the deadlines reflected in the table below.
  • To request Grand Review Committee feedback for your proposal, please complete the Grant Review Committee Request form.

Panel review meetings will be held one month before the stated NIH deadline schedule, however, the GRC will review grants for any agency. Grant proposals to be reviewed are due to the Grant Review Committee seven days before the meeting. You may submit Specific Aims, Proposal sections, or a full Proposal for review by the Grant Review Committee. If submitting at different times outside of the GRC schedule, the proposal can still be reviewed.  In these cases, there will not be a mock review but we will work to get at least one reviewer for the proposal.

Grant Review Committee meetings are closed but faculty will receive feedback following the review meeting, and may ask questions to the panel. The intention is for the review environment to be constructive and helpful. Grant Review Committee faculty are expected to be constructive in their feedback and provide feedback as mentors.

Due dates

Please note that the NIH and CHS due dates below are the proposal submission deadlines and the GRC due dates are the proposal review deadlines.

NIH due date CHS due date Documents to be reviewed due to GRC GRC Panel Review Meeting
Oct. 5, 2021Sept. 28, 2021Sept. 1, 2021Sept. 8. 2021
Feb. 5, 2022Jan. 28, 2022Dec. 28, 2021Jan. 7, 2022
June 5, 2022May 27, 2022May 5, 2022May 12, 2022
Oct. 5, 2022Sept. 27, 2022Aug. 30, 2022Sept. 6, 2022
Feb. 5, 2023Jan. 27, 2023Dec. 27, 2022Jan. 5, 2023
June 5, 2023May 29, 2023May 1, 2023May 8, 2023
Oct. 5, 2023Sept 28, 2023Aug. 31, 2023Sept. 7, 2023

Contact Information

Submit aims and proposals to

Email questions to:

Laida Restrepo
Professor, Associate Dean for Research Operations

Meg Bruening
Associate Professor

Victoria Giroux
Project Manager

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