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Participant Registry

The Research Participant Registry is now ready! Consider enrolling participants using this web-based option.

The highlights of the registry are:

  • It can be currently accessed in English or Spanish, with future translations available. 
  • Parents can submit the form for a child. Adults can self-enroll.
  • Participants can view and express interest in current studies that they may qualify for OR permit us to contact them when appropriate studies become available.
  • Reports of interested participants will be available for research coordinators or PIs, who can opt in to email updates.

Research Participant Registry

These are examples of areas that study participants can express interest in:

  • Nutrition
  • Physical Activity
  • Lifestyle Wellness

Prospective study participants may visit the public CHS website to access the registry. A link exists under the “Faculty and Research” menu.

The Participant Registry and Database Affinity Network received funding for this initiative from the College of Health Solutions. At this time, there is no cost to use this resource. However, this may change in the future as we make it a self-sustaining operation.

Study Database

In order to use the participant registry to enroll participants, CHS researchers can submit IRB-approved studies for posting to the registry. Please be sure that you have received permission from the IRB to use the registry for participant recruitment.

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