Adobe Licensing Changes

Update - 12/5/2019

All 185 remaining CHS employees should have been provisioned now and received an email from Adobe with a link to register the application under <>.

If you did not receive an email from Adobe, please follow these steps:

  • go to and click sign in at the top right of the page
  • enter <yourasurite> as the email address and click continue... you will be redirected to the ASU sign in page and may have to use Duo to complete the sign in
  • you should now be at the Creative Cloud Desktop page... click the blue download button on the top right of the page to download the Creative Cloud installer
  • run the Creative Cloud Installer (will take a few minutes). When completed, the Creative Cloud Desktop should appear
  • under Installed, you should see Adobe DC and an open or install button. Please click the open or install button to complete the setup

If you have any questions or need assistance, please submit a ticket to CHS IT Consulting. We apologize on behalf of the university for any disruption of work this caused.

Update - 12/2/2019

CHS has about 185 people who have not been added to the Adobe named user licensing list yet. UTO is working on it but the instructions below will not work until you receive a note from Adobe. This page will be updated when the 185 people have been batch uploaded to the adobe servers and emails sent out to customers.

To check and see if you have been affected, please download this file, open in notepad, word, etc., and then use ctrl/command + F to search for your name or ASURITE ID.


Adobe has changed their licensing scheme and moving from a serialized license (software and license installed on the computer) to a per user license which will be tied to your asurite id. Adobe Acrobat moving forward will reside under the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of tools.

On November 29, 2019, all current versions of Adobe Acrobat DC and Adobe Creative Cloud (i.e., Photoshop, Premiere, etc.) will have reached their license expiration date. CHS will start transitioning everyone using Adobe Acrobat DC or Adobe Acrobat Creative Cloud starting either 11/15/2019 or the week of 11/18/2019.

Steps to follow if you currently have Adobe Acrobat DC or Adobe Creative Cloud installed:

For this example, these steps will show how to sign into Adobe Acrobat after receiving access from Adobe Creative Cloud and you already have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer. 

1. Open Adobe Acrobat DC

2. Once Adobe Acrobat DC is open, select Sign In in the upper right-hand corner and then select the Sign In button on the Adobe window that appears.


3. Enter your ASU email address ( format, NOT This will take you to the ASU sign in page where you will follow the steps to sign in. This will require the use of Duo.

4. Select Continue to finish signing in and to use Adobe Acrobat DC as needed. 

Repeat these steps for any Adobe Creative Cloud program that you need to install.

Steps to follow if you currently DO NOT have Adobe Acrobat DC or Adobe Creative Cloud installed and need to use those applications:

Please follow these steps upon receiving the email from Adobe Creative Cloud stating that your access has been granted. Following these steps will allow you to sign into Adobe and download the apps that you need or sign into apps that you already have downloaded.

Signing in and Downloading Apps: 

1. Open the email from “Adobe Creative Cloud” with the subject “Access is granted. Enjoy All Apps now.”

2. Click the “Get Started” button within the email.


3. Enter your ASU email address in the Sign In page that appears and select Continue (using the format NOT

4. Continue through the sign in process after you are redirected to the ASU sign in page. This will require the use of Duo.

5. You will then be directed to the Adobe software page where you can select the software that you need to download. Select “Download” under the app(s) that you wish to download.


6. The installer will appear at the bottom bar of the browser. Once the installer is done downloading, select the installer to launch.


7. Select “Get” if the Microsoft Store install window appears in order to complete installation OR Select “Install Anyway” if the Non-Microsoft Product install window appears.

8. You should now be able to use the downloaded software as needed.

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