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Cloud and Network Storage

Network Drives

Mapping Network Drives on PCs

Note: if connecting from home or anywhere else off-campus, please connect to VPN before running these commands. Please see this knowledge base article for more information about VPN: https://asu.service-now.com/kb_view.do?sysparm_article=KB0015179

To map a drive on windows, press the windows key + R to open the run window. Paste the following commands to map your drive from an ASU owned computer:

  • X drive (downtown) - net use X: \\itfs1.asu.edu\health\shared /persistent:yes
  • P drive (downtown)net use P: \\itfs1.asu.edu\health\users\%username% /persistent:yes
  • S drive (SHS only)net use S: \\itfs1.asu.edu\clas1708\1708\shared /persistent:yes
  • P drive (SHS only)net use P: \\itfs1.asu.edu\clas1708\1708\users\%username% /persistent:yes

Mapping Network Drives on Macs

To map a drive on a mac, press command + K to bring up the connect to server window. For server address enter the following and when prompted enter your ASURITE id and password:

  • X drive (downtown) - smb://itfs1.asu.edu/health/shared
  • P drive (downtown)smb://itfs1.asu.edu/health/users/[YOUR_ASURITE_ID]
  • S drive (SHS only) - smb://itfs1.asu.edu/clas1708/1708/shared
  • P drive (SHS only)smb://itfs1.asu.edu/clas1708/1708/users/[YOUR_ASURITE_ID]

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