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ITFS1 Retirement - 7/30/2021 at 5pm

UTO will be retiring the ITFS1 file service on Friday 7/30/2021. CHS IT has procured new file shares on the Amazon FSx platform and copied files to those locations.

What will happen on 7/30/2021

  • At 5pm on Friday July 30th, the current ITFS1 shares will be set to read-only.
    • You will still be able to access your files but you will not be able to save new versions (will receive access denied error or something similar when trying to save).
  • CHS IT will put a policy in place after 5pm to map your drives to the new locations the next time you connect (could be up to a 4 hour delay).
    • This policy should switch you over to the new Amazon FSx shares automatically with no interaction from you. However, if you think you are still connected to the old ITFS1 shares, please reach out to CHS IT Consulting immediately.

What we would like you to do by Thursday 7/29/2021

  • Open the new drive location(s) and spot check that your files are available. Note: if you are off campus, please run VPN before accessing.
    • X: drive (CHS) -> \\\share
      • mac: smb://
    • S: drive (SHS) -> \\\share
      • mac: smb://
    • X: drive (SHS) -> \\\share\shsclinic
      • mac: smb://
    • ChilllBill (SHS) -> \\\share
      • mac: smb://
    • X: drive (BMI) -> \\\share\bmi
      • mac: smb://
    • CHiR data -> \\\share\chirdata
      • mac: smb://
  • To easily access the new Amazon FSX locations above, open a new file explorer window and paste the location above (e.g., \\\share) into the address bar
    • PC Video
    • Mac Video
      • Macs require a couple more steps including connecting to VPN even when on campus
      • Connect to VPN
      • Copy location from intranet page (e.g., smb://
      • Go to finder -> Go Menu Item -> Connect to Server...(or Command + K)
      • Paste location and click connect
      • Enter asurite\yourasurite for the username, your asurite password, and click Connect
      • Browse the drive and verify files/folders and that you can access them
  • Let us know as soon as you can if anything appears to be missing
    • Email CHS IT Consulting at, reach out via slack at #help_it, or attend CHS IT Consulting Virtual Office Hours ( Wednesdays at 11am and Thursdays at 1pm)
    • CHS IT Consulting has a sync job in place that runs every 6 hours to capture new or changed files from ITFS1 to the Amazon FSx shares
    • Note: If you created something today it might not be available yet so we are mostly looking for anything older that 24 hours that might be missing

Please note that everyone should be using Dropbox for their personal files and should not have a P drive anymore. CHS IT Consulting reached out to a few remaining employees who were still using their P: drive and migrated them to Dropbox. If however, you are still using the P: drive, please reach out to CHS IT Consulting immediately so we can be sure to preserve your files.

As part of phase 2 of this project In the Fall 2021 semester, CHS IT Consulting will be working on these Amazon FSx shares to consolidate share locations, prune unnecessary files, migrate files to different locations if needed (i.e., google drive or dropbox), etc. CHS IT Consulting will be sure to communicate to folder/file owners when we reach that point.

Mapping Network Drives on PCs

Note: if connecting from home or anywhere else off-campus, please connect to VPN before running these commands. Please see this knowledge base article for more information about VPN:

To map a drive on windows, press the Windows key + R to open the run window. Paste the following commands to map your drive from an ASU owned computer:

  • X drive (downtown) - net use X: \\\share /persistent:yes
  • S drive (SHS only)net use S: \\\share /persistent:yes
  • X drive (SHS only) - net use X: \\\share\shsclinic /persistent:yes

If you are trying to map any of these drives from a personal computer, please be sure you are running VPN and add the following to the commands above (note, please include the asterisk at the end. You will be prompted to put in a password, please enter your asurite id password): /user:asurite\yourasuriteid *

Mapping Network Drives on Macs

To map a drive on a mac, press Command + K to bring up the connect to server window. For server address enter the following and when prompted enter your ASURITE id and password:

  • X drive (downtown) - smb://
  • S drive (SHS only) - smb://
  • X drive (SHS only) - smb://

For reference, the ChilllBill, BMI and CHiR shares are in these locations:

  • ChilllBill -> \\\share
  • BMI -> \\\share\bmi
  • CHiR -> \\\share\chirdata

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