Mapping Printers on PCs

Type the following in a windows explorer address bar to see different printer queues:

  • Downtown - \\dpcprint1 (printers start with CHS)
  • Tempe  - \\asuprint1 (printers start with SHS)
  • West - \\westprint1 (printers: FN136_DellC3765_bw and FN136_DellC3765_Color)
  • Poly - \\polyprint1 (printer: EPRT155)

Once you identify the printer you want to map to, please double-click on the printer to install.


Detailed Instructions for Mapping Printers on PCs

Ensure that your computer is connected to the internet through Ethernet or WiFi

On your Desktop select the File Explorer icon the bottom left corner (                )

In the search bar at the top of the File Explorer window, type in “\\dpcprint1” *NOTE YOU WILL REPLACE THIS FOR YOUR RESPECTIVE CAMPUS* 



You will see a window that shows all ASU Printers that are on the network. Please scroll to the appropriate printer and double click on it.



After you double click the correct printer, the printer will install and a window (similar to what is shown below) will appear. This indicates you are now mapped to that printer and should be able to print as needed. 


You can copy and paste the printer name to enter into the File Explorer search bar as well, in order to take you directly to a specific printer

Example: \\dpcprint1\CHS-HN501-IR5550 

Mapping Printers on Macs

In order to gain full access to all printing options, such as double-sided printing you must first install Canon's software.


  1. Go to and the software should start downloading
  2. Unzip the newly downloaded folder
  3. Install by running the .dmg file


Before mapping a printer on a Mac, you will need to locate the IP address for the printer, which is listed below.


  1. After you have the IP Address and Driver version, select the System Preferences option from the Apple symbol from the top toolbar on your desktop. 

  2. Select Printers and Scanners

  3. Select the plus “+” sign to add a printer (you may need to select Add Printer after clicking the plus sign)

  4. The Add printer window will open. Please do the following:
  • Enter the IP address in the Address field
  • Change the Protocol to HP,
  • Please change the Preferred Name field for how you would like the printer to show as an option for you in the Name field (e.g., Mercado C126)
  • Change the Use option to 'Select Software' and search for C3725, select the only option you see



Printer Queues/IP Addresses:  

Printer LocationPrinter NameIP Address
ABC 1109CHS-ABC1109-HP3800Color10.218.115.3
ABC 1109CHS-ABC1109-IR453510.218.115.2
ABC 1209CHS-ABC1209-HP3600Color10.218.115.5
ABC 1209CHS-ABC1209-IR453510.218.115.4
Health North 401CHS-HN401J-iR555010.174.136.21
Health North 501CHS-HN501-IR555010.174.136.22
Health South 440CHS-HS440-IR656510.16.3.67
Health South 472CHS-HS472-IRC555010.16.3.52
Mercado C 126CHS_Merc_C126_Canon10.218.76.174
Mercado C 304CHS-MERCC304L1-iR5540-Color10.218.75.107
Mercado C 306CHS-MERCC306-DellColorMFPH625cdw10.8.20.18
Mercado C 380CHS-MERCC380-DELLMFPE525W10.8.20.15
SDFC 201BCHS-SDFC201B-IR425110.16.49.5
Wexford 310HCHS_TGEN326_IRC5540i
HFC 304MCHS_HFC_304M_CannonColor10.174.128.128
COOR 2245SHS-COOR-2245-Canon-IR5550i_BW10.14.2.23
COOR 2245SHS-COOR-2245-Canon-IR5550i_CL10.14.2.23
Santan Hall 330T (Poly)EPRT15510.6.40.70

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