The IT team at College of Health Solutions maintains and enhances the following web applications as per the vision of the respective product owner.

  • Stakeholders and end users share suggestions and feedback with the product owner(s) on how the application can be enhanced and improved.
  • Product owner(s) assimilate the suggestions/feedback and incorporate them into the vision/roadmap of the application while prioritizing them for the development team.
  • Development team converts prioritized work into refined backlog and plans the monthly iteration work for the team to build.
  • At the end of each monthly iteration, the set of completed work items will be tested in lower environments and  upon signoff from the product owner(s) will be released to production environment.

Community Placements

Open Community Placement App

The CHS Placements application provides a set of tools to manage the placements process from contracts to student placements. Placements include internship and translational team opportunities.More Info


Open Faculty Workload App

The Faculty Workload database provides an online workload form and an approval process for faculty. Faculty job and course load data is loaded from the data warehouse and available for degree coordinators to compare workloads to actual schedules and past schedules.More Info

Community Partnerships

Open Community Partnerships App

The CHS Community Partnerships database houses relationships between faculty, research awards, community partners, and faculty expertise. Awards, research collaborators, and faculty expertise are imported from existing ASU systems.More Info

Grant Management

Open Grant Management App

The proposal intake form provides an online form for research faculty to submit in-progress grant proposals to our CHS research administrators. Once submitted, a proposal enters a queue and a Google team drive is created and shared with research administrators.More Info

Translational Teams

Open Translational Teams App

Translational teams provide a team approach to complex health challenges. They connect university researchers with clinical and community partners, industry innovators, and students to do research that addresses community and individual health needs from the very beginning. These teams bring together a broad array of expertise and knowledge to solve complex health problems and create better health outcomes. The focus is on practical, real world solutions that work in people’s daily lives. This site is to manage your team membership, community partnerships and student opportunities.


Open MyCHS App

MyCHS provides a central place for all student-facing applications within CHS. Primarily MyCHS is used as the student-facing component to the placements system. Here students can search for, bookmark, and apply to various placement opportunities.


Open MyDBH App

MyDBH provides a central management system for all DBH faculty and students. Included is a robust task system, internship management, and culminating project management. Also available are various reports based on metrics defined by the DBH program.

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